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London Southend Airport, east of London, inaugurated yesterday a new terminal that will connect London with several European destinations, including Malaga. The former Regional Airport, located about 65 kilometres from London, has opened a new runway, terminal and a train station that connects it in less than an hour with the centre of the British […]

At Malaga airport have already been scheduled air routes for winter 2011/12. As usual, each season there are changes in the routes operated by airlines; some destinations disappear (temporarily or permanently), while others are incorporated into the network of connections. There is an interesting variety of offers of direct flights to Malaga from an increasing number […]

Spanish Airports and Air Navigation (AENA) gives a new impetus to its environmental policy with the application from today of seven measures of optimization of the airspace included in the Savings Plan, Energy Efficiency and Emissions Reduction, which will allow savings 1.4 million Euros in fuel consumption. AENA has indicated that the seven measures are […]

77% of Málaga airport employees vote against strikes in a referendum. 77% of AENA workers, who participated in the referendum held between Wednesday and Thursday at Malaga airport, have decided to accept the draft agreement achieved last week with the Ministry of Public Works and not go on strike which had been convened for 22 […]

The landing and takeoff are usually the tensest minutes for airline passengers. The moment when the engines are at full power to initiate the flight or the rough noise indicating that the wheels have just released to land troubles many travelers who feel more intimidated when flying. The security levels are extremely high to avoid […]

The European Union has announced that the ban on carrying liquids in containers larger than 100 milliliters in hand luggage for passengers traveling by plane will end in 2013. Until then will continue the ban which was initially scheduled to end this April, as reported by the European Commission. The removal of these restrictions, which […]

Spanish Airports and Air Navigation (AENA) will give away gifts to passengers who purchase between 25th and 30th of January in the establishments of 11 Spanish airports, among which are those of Malaga and Seville, in the framework of its new promotional campaign to boost sales in stores of airports, as reported by the agency […]