Malaga Airport Shuttle


Wondering how you will get from the airport to your car, hotel or rental car? Thankfully there are courtesy shuttles that can accommodate you.

The parking location can be confusing, especially after the recent renovations. By building a new terminal, parking lot and a bigger runway they have increased capacity twofold, but it doesn’t simplify matters for passengers. Answer: the green bus. This free service runs about every 15 minutes and will shuttle you from the arrivals hall to the various parking lots that are property of the airport.

If you are looking for a shuttle to your hotel or rental car, you should check with those companies before starting your journey. The hotel concierge is normally the person to talk to with any doubts about where the shuttle pick up is and how to arrange it.

Recommended Companies:


English speaking drivers, very cheap and comfortable. Online booking without credit card. 5% discount on round trip transfers.