Cheaps Flights to Malaga

If you’ve visited Malaga on the Costa del Sol, you probably know how competitive the airlines are coming in and out of the Malaga airport. But there are more than just the flagship carriers competing here: low-cost airlines have exploded on the scene, with greatly increased representation and expansion of existing lines in the last few years. Cheap flights to Malaga are now a snap to find with low-cost airlines.

These carriers are called low-cost (as well as no-frills airlines, budget airlines and discount airlines) because of their lower operating costs compared to other ‘legacy’ carriers. However, nowadays people recognize them because they often offer low ticket prices without extras such as complimentary refreshments, multiple ticket classes and reserved seats, among others. There are vast differences even in this area however, with some offering a number of amenities not found on larger airlines. One major cost-savings comes from the method of ticket sales, most focusing on direct, online sales, while some also offer more traditional phone and travel agency options.


Our site has descriptions of many low-cost airlines, and some of the larger ones are listed below. Also listed is the country they’re based in, although they all have international connections. Check them out and compare prices.

Low Cost Airlines







In order for you to find the best deal amidst the stream of companies who offer flights to Malaga, here’s some money-and-time-saving tips.

Avoid ‘price dazzle’

When comparing prices, be sure to complete a sample reservation all the way to where it requests payment details. Some super-low prices seem too good to be true, and it’s worth making sure they’re correct since extra charges may only be slapped on in the last steps of the booking process.

Look for the little stuff

Just because you’re booking a budget airline doesn’t mean you don’t like amenities, and there are enough differences to research them, like accommodations for children, frequent flyer discount programs, in-flight entertainment options and costs of food and drinks.

Drill down

In some websites, their function for choosing flight connections is confusing. But hang in there and make sure you see all the details of the choices you’ve selected. Make sure there’s no implied transfers between airports in the same city (think London Heathrow to London Gatwick), and if there are you’ll need to figure out your own car hire or transfer arrangements.