Malaga Airport Assistance for Disabled

malaga airport assistance for disabled

Malaga Airport Assistance for Disabled is a free service you can book.

Follow the next steps to get assistance for disabled at the airport.

How to obtain this service?

1.) Request

At least 48 before flight departure* and necessarily when you book the flight or buy the ticket through your travel agency or airline. Additionally and optionally at the Spanish AENA airports, you can ask for assistance calling 902 404 704 or filling in this form.

*If you don’t request this assistance far enough ahead, AENA cannot guarantee the quality of this service.

2.) Present yourself at the meeting point

Go to the meeting point at the arranged time. If there hasn’t been a agreed meeting time, be at the central service point at least two hours before the scheduled departure time.

You can also inform AENA service when you have arrived using the intercom; they will pick you up there. Here are several maps including all the meeting points.

Meeting Points for Disabled People

Malaga airport assistance for disabled has several meeting points both inside and outside the terminals.

malaga airport Meeting Points for Disabled

malaga airport Meeting Points for Disabled

malaga airport Meeting Points for Disabled


3.) Check-in and boarding

Their service will assist and accompany you during the complete check-in process until you are seated in the plane and as well take care about your luggage and your personal needs.

4.) Arrival at your destination

They help you to disembark, collect your luggage and then bring you to a meeting point of your choice at the airport.

5.) After the completed service

If you would like to collaborate by evaluating the service or you have any complaints, you can send an email to

Different disabilities

WCHC: Passengers who are not capable of any movement and are not self-sufficient. They need full personal assistance and must be accompanied to their seats; as well they need a companion if the journey duration is more than three hours.

WCHR: Passengers who will require help getting from the aircraft to the terminal; they are able to board and move around the aircraft on their own.

WCHS: Passengers who will require help both getting from the aircraft to the terminal and as well for boarding, but are self sufficient inside the aircraft.

DEAF: Deaf passengers

BLND: Passengers with visual disabilities