Malaga Airport Lost Luggage

Have you lost any personal belonging at Malaga Airport? If you want to recover a lost item find out here how to get in touch with the AGP Lost and Found Office.

The Lost and Found office at Malaga airport is located in behind the check in desks 363 – 386 in Terminal 3 on the first floor.

Last year, the office at Malaga Airport registered 7.348 items found in the whole of the airport. Of these items were 1.305 returned back to their owners. The office is legally required to keep all the lost and found items for a period of two years since it was first found.

The items which weren’t claimed by either the owners over the two year period and the original finder were donated to three different charities in the Malaga area.

Some items recovered in were babies pushchairs, handbags, glasses, briefcases, watches belts, etc.

Useful tips

Here are some tips on how to avoid losing your personal belongings

  • Don’t let your luggage out of your sight.
  • Make sure that you have everything before moving to a different part of the airport / getting on the plane.
  • Avoid getting your personal belongings out where there is a big queue of people as they could fall and get lost amongst the crowd of people.
  • Wear a jacket or clothes which have zipped pockets.
  • To avoid losing your keys you could use a key-chain and fasten this to your trousers.
  • Don’t wear your wallet in back pockets as it is possible that it could fall on the floor without you realising.
  • Make sure you have all the items with you before leaving the plane.

Malaga Airport Lost & Found Office

You can find the Lost and Found office in Terminal T3. Floor 1 in the check-in area (behind check-in desks 363 – 386).


952 048 837
952 048 851

* If you have lost something on a plane it is recommended that you report it to the airlines lost luggage offices in the baggage reclaim area of the airport.