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A survey of Skyscanner shows that the new anti-smoking law in Spain could change in a 45% of smoking tourists their intention to travel to Spain. An international survey by the flight search engine Skyscanner indicates that 45 percent of tourists smokers may be less willing to travel to Spain for holidays after the adoption […]

The Andalusians are the best hosts of Spain, according to the latest survey by, and are moreover “the most partying and the friendliest”. The portal for leisure travel bookings has completed this study among more than 700 people from all over Spain. Thus, 34 percent of respondents believe that the Andalusians are the most […]

Since the beginning of January came into operation a new smoking ban in Spain. So far, we knew Spain as a very permissive country in many ways, which has now introduced one of the toughest laws in Europe, on the one hand warmly welcomed among non-smokers and on the other side heavily criticized by the […]

Some 29,000 people participated in 2009 in the program of visits to natural areas in Andalusia that six years ago was started by the Ministry of Environment of the Junta de Andalucía in 28 protected areas, with the goal of connecting citizens with the natural environment of the community, which houses one of the most […]

The storm affecting the entire Peninsula has come down in Malaga in form of torrential rain with flooding in basements, streets and garages in Malaga city and neighboring villages, with 35 liters per square meter and which required intervention of police and fire brigade, although without any particularly serious incidents. As well has been affected […]

The Luxury-Traveler continues paying for lodgings that in themselves are a tourist destination. The occupation of these peculiar dwellings maintains stable. The surrounding is in many occasions are a good argument for choosing the destination and as the crisis doesn´t affect everybody the same, the Luxury Tourism notes less havoc in this sector. This is […]