The Palace-Hotels endure the winds of the crisis

The Luxury-Traveler continues paying for lodgings that in themselves are a tourist destination. The occupation of these peculiar dwellings maintains stable. The surrounding is in many occasions are a good argument for choosing the destination and as the crisis doesn´t affect everybody the same, the Luxury Tourism notes less havoc in this sector. This is the case of abodes and palaces converted into hotels; dwellings full of history and comfort for those who can afford it.

Andalusia is a community with a great tradition in this type of establishments, due to a lot of worthy spots that have been reformed; this applies as well to Ranches and Land houses. These hotels are situated in areas of high touristic and cultural interest (Seville, Córdoba, Granada and Málaga) and high occupations are granted due to clients of a high economic segment, whose request don´t depend so much of circumstances.

This kind of Hotels can be a tourist destination of its own kind, with much more personalized services for clients who want to get away from the standardization of the majority of the actual Hotels.

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