Costa del Sol water consumption during summer season

The arrival of high season, filling the pools and the Feria take out six hecto- cubic meters water out of the reservoirs in seven days.
The water reserves in the reservoirs of the have been dwindling, especially during the last days. This increase in consume is due to fact that the Costa del Sol augments considerably its population during the summer months. The reservoirs as well suffer during these months mayor evaporation and the demand for water intensifies due to enormous quantities for pools, Golf Courts and irrigated Farm lands. Furthermore, the recent Feria of Málaga with a number of 6 million visitors, as well has provoked an increase in the water consume in the capital.
Even so there has been a substantial descent in the water reserves of the province, the latest facts show that the Málaga water reservoirs are at 45 % of their capacity, which is twice the amount than one year ago.

According to a study realized by the Deputation for Environment in Málaga, the capital consumes 34% more water than the average Spanish city and 26 % more than the average andalusian city.

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