New Train Access to Malaga airport by middle of 2010

Excavation works have finished for the passage of the suburban train, whose construction will be finished by the end of the year 2009. The government supports the proposal of an exclusive high speed train between Málaga and Estepona.

The transformation of Málaga Airport advances quickly. The new terminal is very visible and expected to be fully operative by Easter 2010. Other changes are less evident at first sight, as for instance the construction of the suburban train to the new Installations.

Now starts the last phase for the construction of a 4 kilometer long tunnel, which will permit a subway access of the suburban train to the airport. This infrastructure will be finished by the beginning of next year. These public works have a budget of 110 million Euros and will permit to substitute the actual sole railway. Once functioning, the suburban railway will have a double rail to increase its frequency and as well a direct access to a better connected Station with the new airport terminal.

The construction of the tunnel is as well necessary in order to complete the second runway, as it will occupy the space where actually the suburban train is circulating.

This infrastructure is as well prepared for the coming of the AVE (high speed train). That way, it will be offering a high standard means of transportation in order to generate a competitive alternative to private transport along the Costa del Sol. Thus, this railway will travel a different route and with much less stops. The objective is to cover the distance between Málaga and Estepona in about 35 minutes.

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