Tourism and the Spanish smoking ban

A survey of Skyscanner shows that the new anti-smoking law in Spain could change in a 45% of smoking tourists their intention to travel to Spain.

An international survey by the flight search engine Skyscanner indicates that 45 percent of tourists smokers may be less willing to travel to Spain for holidays after the adoption of the law banning smoking in bars and restaurants.

However, 61% of nonsmokers reported that, thanks to the new law, they were more likely to choose Spain for their holidays and to be comfortable in bars and restaurants without being bothered by the smoke.

Also 38% of smokers felt that the new law would not influence their decision to travel to Spain, although they would have to accept not being able to smoke indoors. The terraces equipped to smoke can be a good solution for them.

13% of respondents, smokers and nonsmokers, said the new law does not bother them and, of course, will not affect their decision to travel to Spain.

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