Possibly suspended flights in the UK by the volcanic ash of Grimsvötn

Civil Aviation Authority in Britain said it was quite possible that flights from some parts of the island will be suspended Tuesday by the ash cloud from the volcano in Iceland. The UK meteorological office predicts a column of ash from the volcano Grímsvötn covering all Ireland, Scotland and parts of northern England at 06:00 GMT on Tuesday, May 24.

Meanwhile, European countries monitor the ash cloud closely for fear of affecting their airspace. Experts believe that it is difficult that will happen the same chaos than last year when much of the European airspace was closed for six days, although airlines have warned that the new cloud could spread.

Modelled Volcanic Ash Concentration forecasts are available from www.metoffice.gov.uk.

Should I cancel my holiday or make alternative travel plans?

For up-to-date details on airspace restrictions please check the NATS website or contact your tour operator or airline for details on flight plans.




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