First trials in the new Terminal T3

The countdown has begun for the new terminal T3 at Malaga airport, which now is receiving the first extras in order to check the correct operation of the facility.

In the first trials there will be checked the incoming flights and the previously selected extras will be simulating the complete process to be performed by a passenger on a flight in a real situation, such as luggage, going through the security filters and baggage.

The simulation takes place in the new terminal T3, as six flights from the European Union and which are part of the Schengen area, which means they do not need a passport to travel. Another situation will simulate a landing from other countries that are not included in it and that, therefore, require a passport.

There are a total of 3.000 extras in the operational trials of the new terminal which, when it enters service, will serve 9.000 passengers per hour, double than the current average.

The tests will continue until the opening of the new terminal. The aim is to ensure the proper functioning of all systems and infrastructure of the new terminal and ensure quality.

After the trail sessions the extras have to complete a questionnaire with questions related to test development. These participants, who are paid, may make no more than two sessions, since the idea is to have passengers who are not familiar with the facilities.

The extras are simulating the real process from reaching the airport via taxi, private car, suburban railway, bus or rent a car, plus flights and possible incidents and contingencies that may occur.




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