The Spanish King will inaugurate in mid-March the new terminal T3

The Spanish King will inaugurate in mid-March the new airport terminal in Malaga.

The Ministry for development proposes the 15th of March for the inauguration of the expansion work at the aerodrome.

In this inauguration will be present representatives and authorities from politics, economics, society and aviation.

Thus, within little more than one month will culminate four years of works from this phase of the “Plan Malaga”, a combination of infrastructures aimed to modernize the facilities of the fourth airfield in Spain regarding volume of operations and passengers, and which will finish in 2011 with the opening of the second runway.

The new terminal will then rise from the current T-2 (Pablo Picasso) and is characterized by a striking glass façade curtain wall – the largest of its kind in the world with 25 metres height and 225 metres length – allowing the entry of natural light throughout the area and at any time of the year.

It has an area of about 270.000 square meters, where are located 86 check-in desks (almost double than now), and numerous shops and catering establishments.

It also has a modern automated system for baggage handling, capable of handling 7.500 suitcases in one hour. Thus, the Malaga airport will have a capacity to serve up to 9.000 passengers an hour, twice as much as now.

A new interesting concept of AENA (Spanish Airports and Air Navigation) is the launching of culinary quality in form of Haute cuisine in the airports in order to make the offer more attractive.

This project to improve the quality is embodied in the supply of three restaurants, whose chefs have one Michelin star and which are located at airports of the network, such as El Madroño in Terminal 4 of Barajas airport in Madrid, with Beatriz Sotelo; The Porta Gaig Restaurant in Terminal 1 at Barcelona airport with Carles Gaig and the restaurant La Moraga Airport with Dani Garcia, who plans to start serving the new terminal at Malaga airport.

Garcia, the owner of the restaurant Calima in Marbella, with which he won a Michelin star, initiated an international project of high-flying Tapas (snacks).

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