Terminal 3 (most of European flights)


The new terminal T3 has a surface of approximately 250,000 m² and is directly connected to the T2. The main building has 225 metres of façade with a luminous design and high ceilings facilitating the entry of natural light and includes the check-in lobby of nearly 20,000 m² and the baggage reclaim hall. In the forecourt which opens to the arrivals hall is situated the intermodality exchanger, a solution where converge all the possible modes of transport to get to the airport.

It was inaugurated by the King Juan Carlos the 15th of March 2010. The inauguration was attended by numerous representatives of politics, business and aviation and many local and national newspapers, such as Sur in English.

Check-in Counters

At the departure level there are situated 86 new counters (two of them for special baggage) distributed in two areas and 15 self-service machines for billing. Furthermore, there is one area of centralized security control with 9 security filters, which gives way to a shopping plaza which leads to the boarding docks.

At the arrivals level there are eleven points for luggage pickup and one for special luggage.

The departures gates are divided into 3 zones corresponding to the 3 docks of the airport. Dock B is for traffic outside the EU and non-Schengen, Dock C for European Union non-Schengen traffic and Dock D for the Schengen area (EU and non EU).

The check-in counters at T3 are divided into 2 zones. Accessing the Terminal from Departures, are located the counters 301 to 362 and to right of them the counters 363 to 386. In the T2, opposite the entrance gates to the Terminal departure level are situated the counters 201 to 265. At T3, there are eight self-check-in machines, divided into two groups of four. All these are situated in the check-in lobby and so are as well all the offices of the Tour operators.

Disabled Passengers

Passengers with reduced mobility can request personalized assistance via the web of AENA or the telephone information 902 404 704. Furthermore, in the terminal T3 there are information desks and meeting places located in all areas. At these points you can request assistance by pressing the panel through an intercom.

Access to the T3

The transport interchange connects the new terminal T3, the bus station, the pedestrian access to the car parks P1 and P2 and to the RENFE suburban train station MalagaFuengirola.

You reach the T3 by the access road to the departures area, where Taxis are allowed to drop of their passengers. Access of private vehicles is not allowed. The departure area has bus stop (line 19 to Malaga and the shuttle bus MarbellaMalaga Airport) and Taxis.

In the new future there will be available two new access roads to the airport: the South access via the A-7 and the new northern access via the ring road west. The new access from the highway will be exclusive to the airport.

There is available a new sms service on airline information. Since many companies relocate into the T3, this service provides information about where to find the Tour operators and airlines. Passengers only have to send the name of the airline or the ICAO or IATA code to the number 27472 and they will receive a reply sms sent to their mobile phone. There is also a telephone information service for all users 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The number is 902 404 704.

New Commercial Offers

The new T3 terminal offers the passengers a commercial area with more than 10,800 m² in addition to the 1,100 m² of the terminal T2. The commercial area has been developed as a functional business area and at the same time as an attractive and innovative space for both the passengers and visitors. There are available more than 50 shops and restaurants, with outstanding international brands and a varied selection of Cafés and Restaurants for all tastes and purses. Travellers can also enjoy exclusive facilities such as Lamoraga Airport and the Sea Food Bar from Caviar House & Prunier, and others like Soho Coffee Co. and Starbucks.

In addition, the new T3 has specialized shops for music, books, cultural gifts, toys, newspapers, jewellery, gourmet products, news, gifts, chocolates and sweets and other services like a pharmacy, vending machines, scales, internet, telephone booths, ATM’s, currency exchange and WiFi.

Within this wide range of commercial offers there are as well also the second largest duty-free shop in Europe and the largest in Spain, and the first store of National Geographic at airports around the world.

This attractive commercial offer at Malaga airport is available for travellers, guests and visitors, who can easily approach it by bus, taxi, suburban train, car hire, transfer or private shuttles. For the latter, the airport has two large car parks, a Parking Express, a VIP parking and a Long Distance parking.

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