The second runway at Malaga airport will be officially inaugurated tomorrow

Second runway at Malaga airport

The Minister of Public Works will inaugurate on Tuesday the second runway of Malaga Airport-Costa del Sol, whose work began in August 2007 and involves an investment exceeding 400 million Euros.

The expansion of the airfield at Malaga airport is aimed to meet the expected increase in traffic from the current 37 operations per hour to about 72 per hour in the future. The runway has a length of 2,750 meters for landing and 3,090 meters for take-off.

The second runway at airport of Malaga on the Costa del Sol – the fourth of the Peninsula in traveller volume – will be inaugurated two years after began operating the Terminal 3 (March 2010). In Malaga airport are operating fifty companies connecting the Costa del Sol with over one hundred international destinations.

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