New printer service for passengers at Malaga Airport-Costa del Sol

Malaga Airport has launched a new service for printers at different points for internet installed in the terminals.

The new printers complete the telematic service offered by Malaga Airport-Costa del Sol, which makes available to passengers and users eighteen computers with internet access in both public areas and in the restricted area of check-in of the terminals T2 and T3.

The traveller can print any document such as a boarding pass from ten of these computers located in different areas of the T3 (six of them in ‘Departures’, in the check-in area and the remaining four in the boarding area).

In addition to Internet access, this service allows, through USB ports, to display and process files; therefore, from the ten machines attached to the printers can be printed documents downloaded from the Internet or that the passenger has in his memory ‘flash’.

Malaga Airport-Costa del Sol has at its facilities multiple internet access points called Pay-As-You-Go, divided between public areas and areas reserved for passengers in the airport terminals T3 and T2.

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