New base of Ryanair at Malaga Airport

Luckily, for many car rentals companies at Malaga Airport, it is going to become one of the most important airports in Europe and many airlines are already expanding their routes to this destination in the Costa del Sol.

From June 2010 onwards Malaga airport will be the fifth base of operations in Spain of Ryanair.

The project will involve an increase of more than two million passengers per year and an investment of more than 170 million Euros, with four aircrafts in Malaga and 19 new routes.

This new base of operations will start running in June 2010 and will generate about 200 direct jobs with 360 flights a week, including domestic routes to destinations in northern Spain such as Santander, Santiago de Compostela, Valladolid and Zaragoza. With the new European flights Ryanair intensifies the connections with the northern and eastern countries and as well Italy and Paris.

The flights, with a frequency of two or three times per week have the following destinations: Aarhus (Denmark), Bratislava (Slovakia), Krakow and Wroclaw (Poland), Tampere (Finland), Oslo (Norway), Stockholm y Goteborg (Sweden), Eindhoven y Maastricht (Holland), Memmingen and Berlin (Germany), Pisa and Venice (Italy) and Paris (France).

In 2009, Ryanair opened only in Spain 188 new routes, of which 26 are based in Malaga airport.

This new base in Malaga will be the smallest in Spain, although it is estimated that in a few years it will be placed thirdly, after Alicante and Madrid.


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