Sierra Nevada

The Sierra Nevada, meaning “snowy range” in Spanish, is a mountain range located in the eastern of Andalusia, Spain. It contains the highest point of continental Spain, Mulhacen peak, at 3,479 m.

It is a very popular tourist destination, as it’s Europe’s most southern ski resort – thanks to the high peaks that make skiing possible. This area along the Mediterranean Sea is predominantly known for its warm temperatures and abundant sunshine. At the foothills is placed the city of Granada and, a little farther, the borders with Malaga and Almeria provinces.

Parts of the range have been included in the Sierra Nevada National Park. The range has also been declared a biosphere reserve. The Sierra Nevada Observatory is located on the northern slopes at 2800m.

The Sierra Nevada were formed during the Alpine Orogeny, a mountain-building event that also formed the European Alps to the east and the Atlas Mountains of northern Africa. The Sierra as observed today formed during the Tertiary Period (65 to 1.8 million years ago) as a result of the collision between the African and Eurasian continental plates.

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Sierra Nevada Map