Puerto Banus

Puerto Jose Banus, more commonly known as Puerto Banus, is a marina located in Marbella, on the western Costa del Sol. It is well-known internationally as a luxury marina and shopping complex for the jet-set and the super rich.

Although the superstars have moved to more private destinations, visitors to ‘The Port’ (as it is known by locals) tend to be extremely wealthy national and International tourists. Moreover, the city continues to be a hot destination for Europe’s biggest “jet setters”.

The Marina

The focal point of Puerto Banus is the marina. It has 915 slips for boats and ships from 8 to 50 meters, including those of the King of Saudi Arabia and several of the world’s wealthiest individuals. Its surface area is 15 hectares, and its depth ranges from 3 to 6 meters within the marina, with 7.5 meters at its entrance.

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There is beach on each side of the marina. Many of the yachts moored within can enjoy an unobstructed view of La Concha mountain, one of the coast’s landmarks.

The Marina was built in 1970 by Jose Banus, a local property developer. Jose Banus himself was a developer with real estate holdings all along the coast. He was an intimate of Francisco Franco’s and was called “el constructor del regimen” (the regime’s builder).

A three-ton statue of a rhinoceros by Salvador Dali was placed in Puerto Banus in 2004. Officially known as “Rinoceronte vestido con puntillas”, Dalí created the sculpture in 1956 following the filming of his surrealist movie “La aventura prodigiosa de la encajera y el rinoceronte” in 1954.

Shopping & Leisure

Puerto Banus is said to have the most luxury shops & Boutiques per square metre in the world, with over 100 luxury brands.

Their opening hours in summer are a bit special: most of them open at 11am and don’t close until midnight.

Behind the main square there is also a vast El Corte Ingles department store.

Gastronomy & Nightlife

Apart from its luxurious shops, the Marina is also popular for its exuberant nightlife. Behind the harbour lie streets filled with bars and nightclubs.

But even during the day there is a huge choice of restaurants with international cuisine to suit all tastes, as well as bars and cafés where you can have a drink and watch people and high-end cars go for a stroll.

And when night falls, the party people come out. You know, Puerto Banus is to see and be seen, so you can imagine the nightlife that awaits you there.

There are several high-class discos and clubs in the marina, where the ones with roof terraces are especially appetising for a cool drink on hot summer nights.

Beaches & Beach Clubs

Puerto Banus Beach Credit Depositphotos
Puerto Banus Beach. Credit Depositphotos

Just a few metres from the Marina you will find excellent beaches of fine golden sand. And you can’t miss the luxury Beach Clubs.

If you haven’t even heard of Ocean Club, you’ll certainly know about it when you’re in Puerto Banus. Especially if glitz and show off and seeing lots of beautiful bodies is your thing, then this beach club is the place for you.

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Terrace Puerto Banus. Credit Depositphotos

Where to park in Puerto Banus

Entrance Puerto Banus Credit Depositphotos
Entrance Puerto Banus. Credit Depositphotos

Parking in Puerto Banus can be a difficult task, especially during the summer months and at weekends when the influx of tourists is at its highest.

There are several public and private car parks available, as well as on-street parking areas.

To save you stress and headaches, we recommend using public or private car parks. It is also advisable, especially in high season, to book your parking in advance. Some car parks have special rates for longer stays. In any case, these car parks have high rates corresponding to their location.

If you prefer to park on your own or at lower rates, you can try parking in the area around Puerto Banus and walk for 10-15 minutes. Some of the most convenient areas for parking are Avenida Julio Iglesias, Avenida de las Naciones Unidas and Avenida Lola Flores.