Travel to Malaga outside high season – New tendencies

A few days ago, it finished this year’s edition of the World Travel Market in London, setting new trends regarding world travel. The tendencies that interest us here are the preferences of British tourists travelling to Malaga. Find out more below.

As one of the sunniest destinations in Europe, the Costa del Sol attracts millions of tourists every year, mainly in search of sun and beach. In fact, this year has been a historic one in terms of the number of travellers who have passed through the facilities of Malaga-Costa del Sol airport.

The United Kingdom continues to be the main market for Malaga, followed by Germany, France and Holland. To give you an idea, in the first 9 months of the year more than 13 million British tourists have arrived in Spain, 14.6% more than in the same period of 2022.

There is also an exponential growth in flight offers during the winter months, for example, in November this year there are 1.5 million seats on offer from the UK to Spain, which is 14.5% more than in November last year.

By 2024 there are planned air connections between 27 British airports and 31 Spanish airports.

Travel to Malaga outside high season – New tendencies

 Travel to Malaga outside high season
Malaga has much to offer all year round. Credit Depositphotos

The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) has published a report to analyse how the British will travel in the next twelve months. This report shows a clear trend: to travel all year round.

According to ABTA chairman Marc Tanzer, “this year’s record temperatures in popular tourist destinations from southern Spain to the Alps are causing many to re-evaluate their future strategy”.

In other words, many Britons are reconsidering travelling outside the high season (July and August).

Here we only have British data but this trend will be similar for travellers from other European countries as well.

Heat waves and rising temperatures in the south of Spain and the corresponding drought are already a reality. Combined with the very high number of tourists arriving during high season and the consequent price inflation for any service, these are good reasons to consider alternative dates for travel to Malaga and the Costa del Sol.

So, you can enjoy the best that our beautiful region has to offer, with pleasant temperatures, no overcrowding and considerably lower prices.

Best months to visit Malaga outside high season

travel to Malaga outside high season
Credit Depositphotos

We have been insisting for years to enjoy a stay in Malaga out of high season. We have a mild and benevolent climate all year round, winter in Malaga literally does not exist.

Combined with more than 320 days of sunshine a year, good weather is practically guaranteed.

So, we can only agree with the ABTA survey: The best months to travel to Malaga are May, June, September and October.

Weather in Malaga May & June

Blossoming Jacaranda Trees at Plaza de la Merced in May. Credit Depositphotos

Early summer in Malaga is an absolutely gorgeous time. As mentioned before, there is no such thing as winter in Malaga.

In the months of May and June, summer is already in full swing on the Costa del Sol and our temperatures are equivalent to those of summer itself in the more northern countries with an average of 25ºC.

In fact, if you prefer a rather early summer feeling and not very high temperatures, these are the right months to enjoy a beautiful holiday in Malaga, crystal-clear sea water, relaxed and friendly people and good service.

Weather in Malaga September & October

With climate change, September is the new August on the Costa del Sol. There is practically no difference in the daytime temperatures which average between 28ºC and 30ºC, which can also occasionally be higher.

The only difference with August is that the night temperatures are gradually dropping and we are leaving behind the tropical nights that make it impossible to fall asleep.

In September sea temperatures remain basically the same but water quality increases markedly.

In October temperatures drop slightly. We emphasise “slightly”, as in Malaga the summer is still on.

As we write this article, on the 13th of November 2023, we still have sunny days with an average of 24ºC.

The only difference is that the night temperatures are beginning to drop more noticeably and a light coat is needed. But during the day in October, you can walk around in sandals.

malaga weather, Travel to Malaga outside high season
Malaga weather middle of november 2023

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