Lufthansa and Continental Airlines improve their services

Lufthansa and Continental Airlines present innovations in their services

Due to the increase in competition in the aerial sector and the preoccupation of a possible declivity in the demand, the companies many times have to resort to diverse measures in order to differentiate from the others and attract the traveler´s attention.

In this sense, the German airline leader Lufthansa created a special travel insurance designed for customers who have to suffer bad weather conditions during their flight and who can receive compensation. This innovative measure will be valid from September onwards.

On the other hand, Continental Airlines will give her clients the possibility of a “virtual expert”, attending your requests 24 hours a day.

Related to the special insurance that offers the German airline, it consists in the payment of 20 Euros in compensation for every rainy day that the passenger has, until a maximum of 10 days. This alternative of Lufthansa, without additional cost, will be applied to 36 destinies, including the Spanish cities Barcelona, Madrid, Palma and Bilbao. As well is cover the international destinies as for instance Lisabon, Oporto, Marseille, Nice, Rome, Venice, Split, Zagreb, Abu Dhabi, Boston, Casablanca, Chicago, Dubai, El Cairo, Los Angeles, Nueva York, San Francisco etc.

The condition to access the insurance is purchasing the ticket before the 18th of august and with travel times between 1st of September and 31 of October and return before the 8th of November.

Related to the “Virtual Expert” proposed by the North American company Continental Airlines, this consists in an online assistant that will respond exactly to the clients requests. The new service of online attention will be available 24 hours a day through the website of Continental Airlines.

This innovative tool converts this company in the first company that makes use of this technology without losing quality of attention. The human simulator “Alex” will answer with human voice and can capture sentences quickly and with precision.

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