Candelight in Carratraca

This traditional encounter of different cultures is the Embrujo de la Luna Mora (Magic night of the Moorish Moon) in its thirteenth edition during the 4th, 5th and 6th of September.

Thousands of candles and the enchantment of the full moon will be in charge of the illumination during three days in the streets of the Malagean village of Carratraca. In this charmed ambience the visitors can travel towards the deep roots of andalusian culture. One year more, this festival converts Carratraca into a space of encounters where are merging the rhythms and visual elements of the three cultures of Al-Andalus, of which still remain reminiscences in Andalusia through Flamenco and the andalusian, sefardí and mediterranean music.

There will be dancers, musicians, Faquires and other medieval personalities, and as well workshops for belly dancing, henna tatues or pottery for children and adults during the 4th, 5th and 6th of September.

The most expected moment is without doubt the lightening of the candles at 19.00 when thousands of candles will embellish the streets of the village.

The artwork markets will be another attractive of the Moorish moon where you can buy spices, jewellery, clothing and all kinds of decorative objects. Another element of the culture Andalusí is the food with tasters of typical dishes.

At midnight the will be a show with music and dance and there is as well a story teller for the small ones. The complete programme can be found at

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