Live Spanish in Malaga

Malaga city will have a new commitment with language tourism, creating the label “Live Spanish in Malaga”, with the ultimate purpose of placing Malaga as a strategic location for learning Spanish.

Living with a good climate throughout the year with the amenities of any advanced country in Europe is the main tourist asset of the Costa del Sol.

The offer of sun and beach is appealling to the majority of tourists, although the province has other important attractions (theme parks, white villages, monuments, entertainment and of course golf). Among these we find the so-called language tourism, facilitating foreigners the study of Spanish in Malaga.

In the past 20 years thousands of foreigners, mainly youngsters, have chosen Malaga to learn Spanish to the point that this province has become the great national reference next to Salamanca.

Malaga shares the leading position in Spain with Salamanca and annually attracts over 20,000 visitors who come to this destination with a stay well above average. Additionally, this segment of tourism also becomes an element that contributes in reducing the seasonality that affects the coastal destinations during the winter months.

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