Flights are More Expensive on Weekends

Weekday flights are much cheaper than flying during the weekend. Here we offer some examples:

Wednesday’s flights in June 2010 leaving the English city of Birmingham to Faro in Portugal are charged at € 27.04 each way with the British airline “bmi”. The same flights on Saturday’s schedule cost € 154.04.

The same applies to Easyjet flights departing from Malaga airport to Gatwick. Flights leaving the airport by mid-week are 138% less expensive than the flight leaving on the weekend.

As for Ryanair in mid-July, the flight from Alicante to Gatwick is 110% cheaper than the trip made on the weekend.

This is because the average worker prefers to fly during the weekend in order to avoid midweek labor disruptions and therefore flights tend to have higher demand during these days. The airlines are aware of this and therefore their prices simply reflect what is most popular in these times and dates.

Therefore, a golden rule is to avoid the airport and not to fly on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays. We must also bear in mind that fares increase on Monday as it is a popular day to go home after a short break.

We must also bear in mind that most popular business routes may be more expensive during peak hours (morning and evening).
If you are traveling on business routes, which are mainly between major cities, also is worth remembering that during the week is a “rush hour” in the air and on the ground.

If you are flying in one of these routes try to avoid these times in order to avoid making the payment of charges aimed at business users.
Moreover, the classic business routes tend not to increase prices during the weekend in the same way than do the leisure routes.

For instance, the cheapest fares available on the following routes were the same from Monday to Sunday at British Airways: London-Moscow, London- Geneva, Brussels-London and Manchester-London.

Bearing in mind these tips, you can have significant savings when flying; it’s just being a little more flexible at the time to plan your holidays which your wallet will significantly appreciate.

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