The new T-3 is passing well the summer test

The new terminal at Malaga Airport receives the first waves of tourists.
The new T-3 is only four months old, but appears to be running since years. This is the sensation of many passengers passing through the new terminal at Malaga Airport, which this weekend has lived it´s second major summer flood of tourists. During the first, at the beginning of July, the airports installations exceeded during the task.

According to Aena (Spanish Airports) sources, there was no major incident, nor in the T-3 or in the rest of the facilities.
So far, “operational normality reigns not only in the new terminal, but throughout the airport.” To keep things like this “we continue to work daily, with the aim that the first or last image that has the visitor retains on his retina of this splendid destination is one of satisfying and unforgettable memories.”

Between the 1st and the 4th of July, the first major holiday output operation, passed through Malaga Airport 239.850 passengers on 1.434 flights operated in this period, representing a 11.76% more landings and takeoffs that in the same period of last year, and a increase of 12% in the number of users, according to forecasts by the airlines.

Not surprisingly, the airport Malaga this summer will offer direct connections to 24 more destinations than last season and airlines have announced a 10.6% increase in the number of seats.

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