50% of tourists visiting Malaga plan their trip 2 months in advance

The tourist visiting the city of Malaga could be defined as a farsighted tourist, since 50 percent of visitors arriving in the capital of the Costa del Sol planned their trip more than two months in advance, compared to 18.8 percent who did more than a month before, as contained in the report prepared by the Tourism Observatory of Málaga City on data from 2009.

However, there are those who spend less time on organizing the trip, as 13.1 percent decided by seven to 15 days before departure, while the remaining 1.1 percent did so in less than 24 hours.

Once organized the trip, tourists are interested in knowing the destination to be visited and to this end, 45.9 percent of respondents used the Internet, 26.4 percent made use of recommendations from friends and family and 23.6 percent used the guidebooks. The remaining 34.4 percent used their own experience, gained in earlier visits.

However, as shown by the document drawn up following 4000 surveys, the network is used not only to know the destination, but also use it to make appropriate reservations for hotels and car rental. Thus, 60.2 percent of tourists who visited Malaga and the Costa del Sol did through the network, while 56.6 used it as means of payment.

This reflects a growing familiarity and confidence on the Internet as a means to make arrangements for the holidays. In this way, by planning our vacations in advance and conveniently from home, we can also save a lot of money.


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