The new name of Malaga airport is Malaga-Costa del Sol

The Ministry of Public Works has approved that Malaga airport includes in its name the reference Costa del Sol, thus changing its name, as published on Monday in the Official State Bulletin (BOE). From now on, therefore, Malaga airport will be renamed `Malaga airport-Costa del Sol´.

Malaga City Council requested the name change taking into account the interest of the tourism sectors and with the strategic objective of promoting the brand awareness Malaga-Costa del Sol in the tourism market.

Malaga airport has three terminals, of which the T2, which opened in 1991, bears the name of Pablo Ruiz Picasso; the T3 is newly built, in fact, it opened in March last year and has been a qualitative      leap for the tourism industry of Malaga.

The request to include Costa del Sol in its name comes mainly from the professional sector. Last year both the hotel sector and the Confederation of Employers of Málaga (CEM) and the Centre for Tourist Initiatives (ILC) in Marbella were some who sought the name change which is already a reality.

The president of the Association of Hoteliers of the Costa del Sol (Aehcos), José Carlos Escribano, has ensured that the name change of Malaga airport is good news for the entire tourism industry in Malaga.

Malaga airport is the gateway to Andalusia and is a leading destination.

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