Low-cost airlines carry 6M passengers more than the traditional ones

According to data released by the Institute of Tourism Studies (IET), the low cost airlines transported 30 million passengers the first eleven months of the year, 6.3% more than last year, compared with 24 million of the traditional airlines, representing an increase of 2.1%.

United Kingdom and Germany remain the leading markets in our country with this type of “low cost” companies. Specifically, 37.9% of British tourist and 20.9% of Germans tourists chose this option to travel to Spain.

Regarding the most used airports, Palma de Mallorca is the leader with 5.33 million passengers, followed by Málaga with 3.58 million, Barcelona with 3.56, Alicante with 3.17 and Madrid with 3 million passengers.

In November, 49.5% of the 3.55 million people who passed through Spanish airports were travelling with low-cost airlines. The rest, 50.5% did so through traditional Airlines.

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