The coastal suburban train will increase frequency this summer

The trains will pass through stations every twenty minutes, ten less than now, thanks to the duplication of tracks.

From January 24th the commuter train can now circulate on two rails, a breakthrough that opens the door to a significant increase in the frequency of the busiest train on the Costa del Sol.

Starting next summer, the trains will run between Malaga and Fuengirola at a rate of twenty minutes instead of currently thirty.
Indeed, it is expected that the opening of the T-3 train station at Malaga airport is one with the greatest benefit from the improved frequencies, which could make the suburban train one of the major transport means for access from the capital and the Costa del Sol resorts to the airport.

Although the infrastructure is ready, over the coming months Renfe will perform planning services and increase the number of trains and train drivers and personnel.

Until 2005, the commuter line Malaga-Fuengirola that runs along the Costa del Sol was equipped on its route with an electrified single track, limiting its capacity and the possibility of more frequencies.

As a first step, was undertaken the duplication of the sections where the works were simpler, since in several areas impedes urban development. However, there remain single tracks, with no prospect of extension due to urban expansion several subsections between Torremolinos and Fuengirola.

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