Shortened AVE Route for Malaga – Barcelona

They haven’t set a date or even how much this may impact the taxpayers’ pocketbooks. But travellers between Malaga and Barcelona now have hope of making the trip via the high-speed AVE train in even less time, by skipping the now-obligatory stop in Madrid’s central Atocha station. Minister of Public Works Magdalena Alvarez mentioned the plans for this new route without telling too much really. However, it is known that the route will use a good bit of the existing lines between Malaga/Madrid and Madrid/Barcelona, with the new section being a bypass around Madrid from Getafe to Vallecas. This should help reduce congestion in the already crammed Atocha station and decentralize the AVE service, making for more efficient travel itineraries. But don’t think this will stop flights, car rentals and private transfers from making this same journey; we need options, right?

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