Malaga airport: Tourist take off at Costa del Sol

Malaga Airport broke its record in April regarding increased activity with an increase of almost 34% more passengers.

Malaga Airport is outstanding in April recording the highest growth in the decade and a significantly higher increase than the national average. This record regarding passenger arrivals, more than 1.2 million, which is almost 34%, certifies the renewed take off of the Costa del Sol.

The historical memory of this industry does not remember such a development in a month when the peak season has not started yet in Malaga. The figures speak for themselves, but has to be taken into account the impact of the volcanic ash cloud from Iceland, occurred in the second half of the same month last year.

Apart from this circumstance, the arrival of 1.2 million passengers on nearly 10,000 flights in April, a 16% more movements, suggests the recovery of air travel and the pull of the holiday destination Costa del Sol on the international arena. This number normally corresponds to flights registered in June at Malaga airport.

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