Your new friend at Malaga-Costa del Sol airport: Oli, the chatbot

Today we introduce you to the newest addition to Malaga-Costa del Sol airport, Oli, the chatbot.

What is the Malaga airport Chatbot?

Chatbot technology is now commonplace, found everywhere. It is a computer programme that simulates human conversation with an end user.

Modern chatbots increasingly use conversational AI techniques such as natural language processing (NLP) to understand user questions and automate responses.

This tool at the service of travellers is now also available at Malaga airport.

malaga airport chatbot

What is Oli for and how does it work?

malaga airport chatbot

For starters, Oli speaks 8 languages. It interactively provides users with real-time information on flights and services available at the airport.

It is simple and accessible to use.

By scanning this code, users can chat with ‘Oli’ via Whatsapp to find out about security queues, flight status, boarding gates and other airport services.

When you arrive at the airport, simply scan the QR code of  your new virtual friend. Then will open a chat on whatsapp where you can ask what you need to know.

malaga airport chatbot

For example, the Malaga airport chatbot creates an alert for the flight you want, searches for open restaurants and even has a game called ‘Flappy Oli’.

The photo shows Oli next to the flight information boards at the main entrance of Terminal 3, in front of the security filters.

terminal 3 main entrance
Oli at the Terminal 3 main entrance

Have you already used the chatbot? What do you think of it, did you find it useful? We´d love to hear your opinions!

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