Free Internet in Malaga Buses

The Municipal Transport Company (EMT) in Malaga will install before this Easter Wi-Fi in all buses of the lines 3, 11, the two circulars and the new bus to the airport.

Travelling by public transport in Malaga has advantages and disadvantages. In the first case, you can move from one place to another at a reasonable cost without having to take your own vehicle or find a parking space. It also allows, if you take a seat, to read peacefully. On the negative side is the waiting time at the stop, the discomfort if there is no free seat available and the journey time, which in some cases exceeds 40 minutes.

In the meantime you can read a book or listen to music. However, the EMT will allow soon free internet connections in several of the lines that have a higher volume of passengers.

The service is not new. The EMT installed it two years ago in the 20 buses going to the Technological Park of Andalusia and the University. This was a pioneer project in Spain which later was adopted by other cities like Madrid. The novelty now is that this service will now be expanded.

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