Ebay.es and Spanair Announce Flight Bidding

Starting today and through the weekend, Ebay users will be able to battle it out for more than just collector 8-tracks or like-new cell phones. For the first time ever, travellers will be able to bid on flights and set their own prices, thanks to the new Spanair store on Ebay.es. The flights are limited to the Iberian Peninsula, the Canary & Balearic Islands and a few select European cities. Spanair is hoping this venture will reach Spain’s 3 million Ebay users, and because of the timing, may also be hoping to grab some of Ryanair’s potential clients due to that company’s intentional reservation system blackout (yesterday’s post). This is the first of 3 such planned auction rounds, the following 3-day cycle period set for March and April. Bidders pay the winning bid plus taxes and fees, and pick up the tickets in person; the terms are detailed in each bidding page.

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