Airport Noise Causes Waves with Neighbors

Residents of urbanizations near the Malaga Airport are receiving some aid from the Spanish aviation agency, AENA (Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegación Aerea). Their plight is somewhat evident: proximity to the airport is causing more than just the occasional window rattle, but rather a daily invasion of private life from the roar of aircraft. Added to this, the expansion works for the second runway are also causing commotion.

In response, so far AENA has replaced standard windows with aluminum-framed, double-pane glass in 435 houses to help block out sound. However, many residents in the closest Guadalmar neighborhood say it’s not enough, since only dining and bed room windows were replaced, leaving other areas untouched. AENA is investigating the possibility of future flight plan changes that would avoid aircraft passing over Guadalmar.

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