Aena improves direct access from the suburban train to Malaga airport

Little by little are finished the last remaining works following the entry into service last March, of the terminal T3 at Malaga airport. These works improve the quality of service to those who access the airport grounds by public transport.

Thus, Aena is installing two canopies, covering the taxi stand, located on the lower level of the passenger building and the pedestrian link running from the T-3 to the train station, which entered into service in September.

Both structures will prevent passengers and professionals remaining in the open on the way to the bus stop, the train station or while waiting.
The infrastructure, which is designed in line with the architecture of the T3 and the train station, will extend over 766.56 square meters and will protect from the rain along the whole pedestrian route between the airport and railway terminals.

Also, although the area that provides the taxi service is located under the large roof of the terminal building, it is not properly protected of rain due to its high altitude (30 meters or so).

Thatfore has been considered the need to cover it with an own structure of 845 square meters which also has been designed with similar features to the original architecture of the T3.

Yet, the works of the so-called Plan Malaga for the renovation of the airport still have a pending milestone, as is the coming into service late next year the second runway, which will double the operational capacity of these facilities.

However, the commissioning of the T-3 and has been a takeoff –never been said better-in the numbers of passengers at the airport in the capital of the Costa del Sol, after months of declines. This is evidenced by the recent available statistics, where Malaga stands with the second highest passenger growth in Spain, preceded only by Barcelona.

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