Travel trends of Spanish and British tourists in January 2011

Spanish tourists continued to choose London as the main destination for their flights during the month of January, while five Spanish cities are among the top ten in terms of searches of British tourists, occupying Malaga, Tenerife and Alicante the top three positions respectively.

London is preferred by the Spanish tourists according a database analysis of Skyscanner. Spanish destinations such as Barcelona (fourth), Madrid (fifth) and Tenerife (ninth) also are among the preferences of the Spaniards, who like traveling to nearby European cities.

The capitals of the countries closest to Spain are, along with the Spanish cities and London destinations that occupy the best positions in the list. Thus Paris ranks second, Amsterdam fifth, Rome and Berlin followed in sixth and seventh respectively. Prague, Dublin, Lisbon and Brussels occupy positions 12, 13, 14 and 15 respectively. Only New York City (8) goes as long-haul destination in the list of European cities developed by Skyscanner.

On the other hand, this month is worth noting that three Spanish cities are leading the list of popular holiday destinations for Brits, being situated in first place Malaga, Tenerife second and Alicante third. Sun and beach seem to be the most attracting factors of our country to tourists from the United Kingdom, since Palma (6) and Lanzarote (10) are also among the 10 target cities.

The responsible of Skyscanner for the Spanish market said: “Preferences of Brits and Spaniards are markedly different when searching flights. While Spanish tourists are opting for big cities with entertainment and culture, British tourists chose cities near the magnificent Spanish beaches, where the good weather is almost guaranteed.”

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