Torremolinos artists display their sculptures at the airport

‘Málaga en el aire’ shows in the hall Didier Daurat the work of five authors.

Pablo Ruiz Picasso Airport wishes to highlight its eminent openness towards travelers of different nationalities with art samples by five authors with the common denominator of living in Torremolinos.

Thus the artists Sandra Martinez, Francisco Martín, Claudia Cadario, Jose Maria Olid and Leonardo Martin Gago are attending this exhibition which bears the title of Malaga al aire (Malaga into the air) and which also alludes to the imminent opening of its new terminal T3, where is projected the possibility of including the central ceramic mural of Sandra Martinez with the motifs of travelers from different origins.

The motifs from African women to women with shawls are symbolizing this miscellany of concordance and globalization present at Picasso Airport, one of the mayor meeting points between destinations on different continents.
In other works is highlighted the mediterranean condition of the place as for instance in The Flight of Icarus or Women with waves also recalls the Works of Malaga’s most universal artist, Pablo Picasso, after whom was named the airport.

The exhibition takes place in the hall Didier Daurat and the visiting hours are from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 20:00.

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