Swiss awards service at Malaga airport

The airline Swiss International Airlines has recognized the service at Malaga airport-Costa del Sol in 2011 as the one with the highest quality among European airports where it operates.¬†Thus Malaga airport receives with the prize ‘Station of the Year 2011’ the recognition of its work, after standing out as the best airport in the rating of its travellers in 2011.

Malaga airport passenger area T3

Swiss, after analysing its quality statistics, publishes every month the best airports (service provided during the time between the arrival and departure of an aircraft at an airport), both in Europe and in the rest of the world.¬†After this first award recognizing the operational quality of the facilities of the airport in Malaga on the Costa del Sol, the airline has given the second and third ‘Station of the Year 2011’ to the airports of Prague and Valencia.

The award is the result of the rating given by the passengers of Swiss for the service between the arrival and departure of each aircraft, evaluating among other parameters, the accuracy of the scale, the luggage delivery or the perception of travellers boarding gate.

The airline operates flights from Malaga to Geneva and Zurich, having reduced the frequency of these connections to fit the demand of the winter season.

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