New decrees at Spain’s beaches

Being nude at the beach, using soap in the showers at the beach, putting up a sunshade before 8.00 h in the morning or taking a bath with the red flag out are behaviors that in some places are now penalized with up to 750€.

Since last year, a lot of Spanish coastal municipalities have toughened their decrees in order to sanction diverse practices. For instance, the government of Cadiz considers nudism an “illegal practice”, which has caused strong protest from the Spanish Federation for Nudism; meanwhile in Valencia there is a restriction to put up umbrellas before 8.00 in the morning in order to avoid people reserving space at the beach.

Not identifying yourself, getting aggressive, trying to avoid or running away can be sufficient motive for detention and the transfer to the police station.

How are things in Málaga?
From this weekend on, Malaga’s coastline counts with devices giving out portable ashtrays. The objective is to increase awareness about and taking care of the environment. For this reason, the government is installing 140 ashtray devices along the fourteen beaches of the capital.

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