Málaga Airport is at present operational

The aerodromes of Malaga, Granada and Jerez had to suspend yesterday a total of 101 flight operations. As well, Malaga airport closed in the afternoon for three hours and was reopened at 21:30 pm; meanwhile the other airports two remained closed last night.

In the andalusian airports of Jerez de la Frontera, Malaga, Granada and Almeria were cancelled yesterday a total of 101 flights due to the cloud of ash from the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjalla, which forced to close the airports of Jerez and Seville from 6:00 am yesterday and then at 17:30 pm, obliged as well the closing of Malaga and Granada airports.

The San Pablo Airport in Seville was resumed activity from 19:00 pm, after being closed for more than 12 hours due to the ash cloud.

The cessation of activity in the aerodrome Malaga was confirmed shortly before 17:30 pm, after being a rumor since the morning, when several Andalusian airports had to close. Spokespersons of air carriers operating in the province estimated that the closing could occur around 20:00 pm, but eventually was established before that time due to the climatic conditions.

Until then had been canceled 76 takeoff and landing operations at the aerodrome Malaga, mostly from the UK. The airport also received two diverted flights: one from Bergamo to Seville and another from Paris to Casablanca.

Though AENA at first expected that Malaga airport would remain closed all afternoon and could open, at best, from 1.00 am in morning, finally it reopened at 21:00 pm.

Aena recommends that passengers intending to fly within the next hours, before going to the airport, to contact your airline.

You can also obtain more information by calling the helpline numbers of Aena:
902 404 704 or (+34) 91 321 10 00

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