Malaga airport inaugurates a new air navigation system

Control tower Malaga airport

The control tower at Malaga airport is the first in Spain to incorporate the electronic record of the flight progress, a tool for air traffic controllers to write down the instructions given to pilots and their applications, as stated yesterday by the regional Air Navigation manager of Aena.

This is one of the most important technological advances of recent years and marks a milestone in the evolution of the system of Spanish air traffic control.

So far, the record chart was of paper and air traffic controllers wrote down all this information. With the integration of the electronic record card, data are updated automatically, so that the management of flight plans, permits and transfers of traffic are accessible through tags that are presented and displayed on the radar screen.

The next control towers that will implement this system will be the airports in Palma de Mallorca, Madrid-Barajas and Barcelona in the next two years, and the rest will join from 2014.

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