Helitt will be opening in Malaga on the 21st of November with a flight to Melilla

The airline, based in the Costa del Sol’s capital, has postponed the announcement of the rest of the destinations until next week.

Abel Pizarro, President of Helitt Airlines
Abel Pizarro, President of Helitt Airlines

The airline, based in Malaga, are starting the engines of their first three airplanes and launching several advertising campaigns to capture clients for their new routes. The president of the company, Abel Pizarro, announced the flight plans yesterday, that in Malaga’s case, the first destination will be Melilla. The airline opening will be at Malaga airport on the 21st of November, where they will operate twice a day as from the 22nd of November, one in the morning and one in the afternoon or early evening, with plans to leave and return on the same day. This connection will coincide with the opening flight of the company and the offer directed to agencies and wholesalers on that day. “Helitt will operate two flights from Malaga to the autonomous city, one leaving at 7:20 am and arriving at 8:10 am, and on the return flight, leaving at 5:35 pm and arriving at Malaga airport at 6:10 pm. This way we offer availability on working hours to entrepreneurs and residents that travel between both cities for professional purposes“, said the company’s president yesterday.

Pizarro has postponed the announcement of more routes until the end of next week, of which he only revealed that they’re located in the north of Spain and that the first international flights will land in Morocco.

He did announce yesterday that the Melilla-Madrid route will be operative as from the 28th of next month and its departure is scheduled for 8:30 in the morning with return flight at around 3 pm. Furthermore, they will fly from Melilla to Barcelona as from the 29th. They will also operate a flight from Granada to Madrid as from the following 2nd of December. “In two weeks time, we will be able to announce another two new routes and so on and so forth. The opening of each route will therefore be defined in one every two weeks from November until the end of February adding up to a total amount of twelve different routes“, he added during the presentation.

The prices and services onboard are the main assets for this company to compete. In this sense, the president of the Andalusian company said that the tickets from Malaga are now on sale from 25 euros.

The company’s website is available in five different languages: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and Arab. Inside you can formalize your bookings under the company’s premise of offering clear and transparent prices to the clients. Pizarro said that the passengers will find three rates on each flight, Web, Helitt and Flex, to answer to all the needs that the travellers may have on their journeys. “The final price shows up on screen at all time, as well as the advantages that each rate offers“, explained the company’s president.

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