Helitt offers tickets from Malaga to Barcelona with stops in Melilla

Helitt airplane

Helitt Airlines has begun offering tickets on its website for connecting flights with stops; thus travellers can purchase flights between cities that until now were not linked by a direct route, as reported by the airline in a statement.

With this initiative, the airline now offers among others new connections between Malaga and Barcelona, with a scheduled validity period for the entire winter season, from October 28 to March 29 next year.

The connection between Malaga and Barcelona will operate with a stop in Melilla.

Take off from Malaga to the Catalan capital will be on Sundays at 7.20 am and on Thursdays at 9.55 am and landing in Barcelona is scheduled at 10.45 am and 1.15 pm respectively.

Helitt, a new Andalusian airline with base at Malaga airport offers flights between Malaga and Madrid, Melilla, San Sebastian, Barcelona and the Moroccan cities of Nador and Casablanca.

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