Fair in Fuengirola from 6th to 12th of October

The fair of Rosario is being held at the Fuengirola Fairground from 6th to 12th of October in honor of the patron saint of Fuengirola, La Virgen del Rosario. It is a very typical celebration with a long tradition and great affluence of visitors that make this fair one of the most prestigious ones in Spain.

During the next days will take place an extensive program of activities in which the main protagonists are the Virgen del Rosario and the horse, which acquires an outstanding importance during this week.

On October 7th, the festivity day of the Virgen del Rosario mass takes place in the Plaza of the Constitution with the presence of many parishioners and riders, who once completed the mass, start in procession to the fairgrounds.
Among other planned activities will take place a horse parade at the fairgrounds and exhibition of dressage horses in the Plaza de Toros and bullfight with a cartel of leading figures and prime cattle.

The smallest can celebrate on Monday 11th at the fairgrounds the Children’s Day, where all the attractions are half price. In addition, for all ages and musical tastes, the Palacio de la Paz hosts performances by renowned singers and groups.

Visiting the Fairgrounds during these days, is a unique experience, where the Andalusian song and dance come together in a very joyful way, while in the streets can be seen hundreds of horses and carriages.

The horse is the star of this fair, in the horse parades and in the dressage display; and the presence of riders is massive, like the carriages, thus giving more prominence to the fair. Is a spectacle to contemplate the elegance and harmony of horse and rider.

Visiting the Fairgrounds you will find a large number of females dressed up with the typical Flamenco dress and the festive atmosphere is evident all the over the city.

During these days, the city is a most attractive display and the streets are all an “explosion of color and fun” for tourists and residents.

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