Airline passengers prefer to fly in front and next to the window

Airline passengers prefer to fly in front and beside the window. Two out of three consumers choose this means of transport for being the fastest, according to a survey.

Most Airline passengers prefer to fly in the rows near the cabin, especially those located on the wings, and on the seat near the window in order to watch and not being bothered by other passengers, according to a survey conducted by the Flight Center.

Although 38% of the 2,000 surveyed Internet users does not care where their seat is, 29% prefer the front of the plane in order to enter and leave faster and 19% say that there they feel less the movement around the aircraft.
Safety and convenience are the other priorities of passengers when choosing where to sit. This was demonstrated by 27% favoring the ranks on the wings because there are emergency exits and the seats are wider.
Regarding the choice between window and aisle, two of three passengers (68%), if they can choose, prefer the first, meanwhile 25% prefer the aisle and the remaining 7% don´t bother.
Seeing the world from the air is the main reason for 73% of those who choose the window, although there are those who want to enjoy tranquility (12%) and who prefer not to be bothered by other passengers when getting up.

Passenger cabin
Passenger cabin

The advantage of the corridor, especially for men and persons of greater body size, is the relief from the small space. 36% of those who choose this site do so to be more comfortable, 14% get in later and leave earlier and 9% because it is safer in an emergency. The report further asserts that the reasons that determine the use of aircraft are mostly personal and leisure in comparison to travel business (21%).
The survey, called “Security and use of aircraft by the passenger”, also highlights that 94% of the polled Internet users believe that the airplane is a safe means of transport and two out of three opt for it because of its velocity.
The report of the Flight Centre adds three reasons that matter to users of air transport: 64% say they choose the plane because it is the fastest means of transport, 26% consider that it is best regarding schedule and connection, and only 8% think that is the cheapest way of travelling.

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