Vueling and 20minutos team up to offer free flights to Spanish isles

Want to visit one of the beautiful nearby islands? You can do so free if you’re quick enough. Vueling is offering a limited number of free flights to visitors to a special section of their site, which requires entering a special code at precisely 9:30am (Spain time). They are giving away 20 free (2-passenger) prizes each weekday until April 30. Oh, you wanna know where to get the secret code? Well the link’s coming, but you have to know something first. The flights are only from Madrid, and only good for residents of Spain. So if you’re from the Malaga area, you would also have to find a quick-hop flight to Madrid or take the AVE. No problem? Then flip through the Madrid print edition of 20minutos (click on the “Edición completa” link), and look for the Vueling ad, something like the image on the right. There will be a special code listed, good for only that day. Visit the Vueling special page before 9:30 and be ready to enter your name, surname, email address and the special code as quick as possible. I tried it today, but my old fingers must be getting feeble! Even if you’re like me and don’t get in the first 20, you can take advantage of their 50€ offer (per person) for the same destinations.

EDIT: This offer is not available anymore.

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