May 17: Closed part of the European airspace due to the volcanic plume

London in part has reopened its airspace and there are restrictions for other cities, which are affecting Northern Ireland, Scotland and Ireland and since 6.00 am this morning also have closed the airports in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Part of European airspace will be closed this Monday due to the volcanic plume.

Dublin Airport will be closed until at least 13.00 pm and the airports of Donegal, Sligo and Ireland West won´t operate until 13.00 pm. Additionally, all airports in Northern Ireland (including Belfast) and some in Scotland, won´t operate today.

The two main British airports, Heathrow and Gatwick, are currently operating, but there are expected delays and flight cancellations. Other regional airports such as London-Stansted, Manchester and Glasgow have also reopened, but passengers are recommended to check the flight status with their airlines.

The ash cloud will continue moving south in the early morning hours of Monday. The situation remains highly changeable and the forecasts, which will be revised every six hours, are subject to change.

In Spain have been canceled this Sunday a total of 79 flights to Ireland and the UK due to the volcanic ash cloud, as reported by AENA with data collected until 17:30 pm yesterday. Among the airports affected by the cancellations are Malaga, with 18 suspended flights, Barcelona with 13 and Madrid with 8.

Situation of the ash cloud at 08:00 am on Monday. In the black zone flights are prohibited.

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