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Since the last restriction in European air traffic due to the volcanic ash cloud on the 17th of May, there have not been registered any further incidents. The volcano activity recently has commenced decreasing. Summer is coming and currently are landing at Malaga airport daily approximately 180 flights from all over Europe and many Spanish […]

Some 29,000 people participated in 2009 in the program of visits to natural areas in Andalusia that six years ago was started by the Ministry of Environment of the Junta de Andalucía in 28 protected areas, with the goal of connecting citizens with the natural environment of the community, which houses one of the most […]

With the advent of spring comes the Holy Week and with it one of the most authentic, devotional and oldest celebrations in Spain. Every region and every corner of the country lives these days of religious devotion, but also with exuberant joy in its own, special way. Outstanding cities for their processions are Seville, Granada, […]

The storm affecting the entire Peninsula has come down in Malaga in form of torrential rain with flooding in basements, streets and garages in Malaga city and neighboring villages, with 35 liters per square meter and which required intervention of police and fire brigade, although without any particularly serious incidents. As well has been affected […]

This traditional encounter of different cultures is the Embrujo de la Luna Mora (Magic night of the Moorish Moon) in its thirteenth edition during the 4th, 5th and 6th of September. Thousands of candles and the enchantment of the full moon will be in charge of the illumination during three days in the streets of […]

The gastronomic happening will be held from the 1st to the 6th of September in Marbella and there are programmed varied activities like a Competition of Espeto (Sardines grilled on a stick over carbon fires, typical for Malaga) or a “Dinner Michelin” with the presence of several internationally known Chefs as for instance Dani Garcia, who […]

The Luxury-Traveler continues paying for lodgings that in themselves are a tourist destination. The occupation of these peculiar dwellings maintains stable. The surrounding is in many occasions are a good argument for choosing the destination and as the crisis doesn´t affect everybody the same, the Luxury Tourism notes less havoc in this sector. This is […]

The arrival of high season, filling the pools and the Feria take out six hecto- cubic meters water out of the reservoirs in seven days. The water reserves in the reservoirs of the have been dwindling, especially during the last days. This increase in consume is due to fact that the Costa del Sol augments […]

Excavation works have finished for the passage of the suburban train, whose construction will be finished by the end of the year 2009. The government supports the proposal of an exclusive high speed train between Málaga and Estepona. The transformation of Málaga Airport advances quickly. The new terminal is very visible and expected to be fully […]

The Cathedral, La Farola or the Port of Málaga illuminated at night time acquires special charm that you can enjoy even more from the heights and if you have a good Cocktail in your hands, even more! With this idea, the centric Hotels Larios, Málaga Palace and Molina Lario convert their Terraces during the summer […]