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April 3rd

The cheap tickets airline EasyJet began operating today from London Southend Airport, east of the capital, with ten routes including the Spanish cities of Barcelona, Alicante, Ibiza, Mallorca and Malaga. In a statement released today, the British company announced that it will fly to Amsterdam, with 13 weekly flights; to Belfast, also with 13; to […]

March 6th

London Southend Airport, east of London, inaugurated yesterday a new terminal that will connect London with several European destinations, including Malaga. The former Regional Airport, located about 65 kilometres from London, has opened a new runway, terminal and a train station that connects it in less than an hour with the centre of the British […]

July 27th

Easyjet has announced it will increase its offer of flights from London Southend Airport, its new base in the UK from spring 2012, according to the airline. Malaga airport is among the new destinations of the low cost carrier, along with Barcelona, Alicante, Mallorca, Ibiza, Amsterdam, Belfast and Faro. The new base is in a […]